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2024 Spring Photo Day
Sunday, April 21, 2024 - 1:45pm to 5:15pm

Event Details

Photo Day at Gateway!

More information coming this week (links to order, etc.).

Please note: Do NOT wear cleats!

Arrive at least 10 minutes early.

We typically run ahead of schedule.

Each team will need one bat.

TMP and below - parents will be allowed inside to help maintain order.

Only those being photographed will be allowed in the photo area.

See Schedule Below:

Time      Team                 Manager

2:00pm 12U PIRATES Richard Morales

2:00pm TB1 ASTROS Adrian Rodriguez

2:10pm MP2 ASTROS Brandon Bailey

2:10pm 18U MARLINS David Nunez

2:20pm 18U BRAVES Robert Nichols

2:20pm 18U PHILLIES Lance Parks

2:25pm 18U PIRATES Brian Smider

2:25pm 12U ASTROS Stephanie Garcia

2:35pm 12U ATHLETICS Anna Ryan

2:35pm 12U BRAVES DaVonda Brown

2:40pm 12U CARDINALS Andy Marici

2:40pm 12U CUBS Steven Heredia

2:45pm 12U D'BACKS Justin Haywood

2:45pm 12U RANGERS Jake Morris

2:50pm 12U REDS Jeff Radigan

2:50pm 12U ROYALS Vanessa Martinez

2:55pm 12U TIGERS Chris Cooper

2:55pm 18U ROCKIES Scott Gondesen

3:00pm 14U ANGELS Brant Duhon

3:00pm 14U ATHLETICS Jose Bravo

3:05pm 14U INDIANS William Hernandez

3:05pm 14U ROYALS Daniel Lopez

3:10pm 14U TIGERS Edwin Verdin

3:10pm MP3 CARDINALS Troy Owens

3:15pm MP3 CUBS Joey Bergeron

3:20pm MP3 MARLINS Pegah Tucker

3:25pm MP3 PIRATES Ben McBride

3:30pm MP3 ROCKIES Jaye Murphy

3:35pm MP2 INDIANS Scott Gondesen

3:40pm MP2 ANGELS Aaron Hunter

3:45pm MP2 RANGERS John Wood

3:50pm MP2 YANKEES Jason McCoy

3:55pm 12U INDIANS Jeffry Tupa

4:00pm MP1 CUBS Mark Roosz

4:05pm MP1 D'BACKS Gladys Medrano

4:10pm TMP ANGELS Jordan Healy

4:15pm TMP ASTROS Justin Haywood

4:20pm TMP INDIANS Jeffry Tupa

4:25pm TMP YANKEES Kelsie Ward

4:30pm TB2 BRAVES Cristian Cornejo

4:35pm TB2 D'BACKS Jose Bosques

4:40pm TB2 PIRATES Marta Villarreal

4:45pm TB1 INDIANS Jeffry Tupa

4:50pm TB1 RANGERS Chandler Moleta

4:55pm TB1 YANKEES Alex Figueroa

5:00pm MP1 CARDINALS Daniel Grooms