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Spring Photo Day 2018
Sunday, March 25, 2018 - 12:45pm to 4:30pm

Event Details

Where:  Clear Lake Christian School - 14325 Crescent Landing 77062

Sunday March 25, 2018
Clear Lake Christian School - 14325 Crescent Landing 77062

1. Team Managers were given order envelopes with equipment and uniforms.

2. Manager or Team Parent should distribute 1 order envelope to each player at practice before photo day. Photo Day is Sunday March 25. If you have extra envelopes, please turn them in at photo day – it will give us more spares for others.

3. Order forms and payment should be completed before arriving.

4. Online order is the only way to use a credit card. Otherwise, payment is by check or cash.

5. Online order at Then select “Bay Area Texas Baseball Spring 2018”.

6. Every player that attends the photo session must fill out the name and address information on an order envelope. This helps the photographers identify the correct players and photos. They do NOT have to order anything.

7. Each player that turns in an order envelope will receive one Sports Mate for FREE (individual and team on 1 print). Do NOT mark this on the order form -- it is automatic when you turn in an order envelope.

8. Players must NOT wear cleats or muddy shoes. If players have cleats or mud, they will be required to leave their shoes outside.

9. At the photo session, please make certain that all order forms are complete, legible, and include payment. Orders must be paid in full or they will not be processed.

10. Payment for orders must be made to Higgins Photography at the photo day session. Checks or Exact Cash. No one will have change. Credit card pre-orders will be matched with the name on the “blank” order form.

11. Please bring your patience. The waiting area may be noisy, crowded and hot. Parking may be limited.

12. If you have a TEAM BANNER, bring it along for the group photo.

13. Each team bring one BAT for the individual photos.

14. We will make every effort to remain on schedule. Please assemble your team prior to the scheduled photo time. If you are not ready, other teams will be taken ahead of yours.

15. If you need extra order forms, you can make copies or print them online

16. Other questions? Contact me via e-mail at

Schedule (see attached document for better view)

Time Division Team Manager
12:50 11U YANKEES Ed Ervesun
12:54 18U INDIANS Sulie Nunez
12:58 TCP MARINERS Richard Morales
1:02 MP2 TIGERS Chris Hickey
1:06 13U D'BACKS Ed Ervesun
1:10 13U METS David Nunez
1:15 TB1 ANGELS Danny Valdez
1:21 TB1 ASTROS Lauren Culver
1:27 TB1 ATHLETICS Ben McBride
1:33 TB1 RANGERS Whitney Hughes
1:39 TB2 BRAVES Sara Zenter
1:45 TB2 METS Eric Fontenot (Moved to 4:15)
1:51 TB2 NATIONALS Justin Haywood
1:57 TB2 PHILLIES Kelly Carter
2:03 TCP ATHLETICS Jeremi Spratt
2:09 TCP INDIANS James Benefield
2:15 TCP PIRATES Rachel Heredia
2:20 TCP REDS Wayne Basta
2:25 TCP TIGERS Roland Salinas
2:30 MP1 CUBS Paul Johnson
2:35 MP1 D'BACKS Sara Zenter
2:40 MP1 DODGERS Michael Shaw
2:45 MP1 REDS Robert Flores
2:50 MP2 INDIANS Keith Lompe
2:55 MP2 RANGERS Cade Robeson
3:00 MP2 RAYS Daniel Grotte
3:05 MP2 YANKEES Jesus Olivas
3:10 MP3 BRAVES Daniel Caballero
3:15 MP3 CARDINALS Roland Perales
3:20 MP3 METS Thomas Van Horne
3:25 MP3 REDS Nikki Smith
3:30 11U INDIANS Marty Stout
3:35 11U RANGERS Justin Kelly
3:40 11U RAYS Jonathan Davis
3:45 11U RED SOX Randy Narvaez
3:50 11U TIGERS James DeVore
3:55 11U TWINS Michael Selser
4:00 11U WHITE SOX David Hudspeth
4:05 13U CARDINALS Charlie Micheletti
4:10 13U PADRES Brian Smider
4:15 18U RANGERS Scott West
4:15 18U RAYS Abdon Perez
4:15 18U TIGERS Greg Kalsey
4:15 18U YANKEES Brian Smider