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Fall 2021 Photo Day
Sunday, October 3, 2021 - 1:00pm to 5:30pm

Event Details


Sunday October 3, 2021

Gateway Church - 760 Clear Lake City Blvd, Webster 77598


  1. Masks are required by the venue owner to enter the photo venue
  2. Do NOT wear cleats.  Wear regular shoes.  Cleats are not allowed in the building.
  3. TB1, TB2, TMP, MP1 - 1 parent (masks required) per player will be allowed to accompany their players into the auditorium. The parents will be required to remain in their seats while the players are led to the photo area. After team photos are completed, managers/coaches will lead the players back to their parents so they can vacate the auditorium.
  4. MP2, MP3, 12U, 14U,18U – managers and coaches (masks required) will gather their players outside of the church. Fifteen minutes prior to their time slot, lead players into the auditorium, where they will be directed to their designated sitting area. After team photos are completed, the manager/coaches will lead the players out of the church through the back doors (next to the Warehouse/basketball court) to be picked up by their parents or walk around to the front parking lot. This will minimize the contact of the incoming and outgoing people.
  5. The Team should distribute 1 order envelope to each player before photo day. 
  6. Order forms or online orders should be completed before arriving.
  7. Online orders are paid online at the time of the order using a credit card.
  8. With paper order forms, payment is by check or cash. Payment must be made at the photo session when the order is turned in.  Cash payments must be in the exact amount, no change is available.  Checks must be made to Higgins Photography.
  9. Click here to:  School/event PreBuy - Youth Sports - Higgins Photography.  Online orders will be paid by credit card and you will receive a confirmation number. Online orders are available about a week in advance.
  10. For online orders, the order confirmation number should be written in the specified location on the form and brought to photo day to turn in to the photographer.
  11. Every player that attends the photo session must fill out the name and address information on an order envelope. This helps the photographers identify the correct players and photos. 
  12. Each player that turns in an order envelope will receive one Sports Mate for FREE (individual and team on 1 print).  Do NOT mark this on the order form -- it is automatic when you turn in an order envelope. 
  13. Each team bring a one BAT for the individual photos.
  14. Please assemble your team 15 minutes prior to the scheduled photo time
  15. If you need extra order forms, you can make copies